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The Main Aim of the expert-led Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT) consult team is to support RO DBT therapists with the collective wisdom of their colleagues and an expert in learning and providing RO DBT. Effective delivery of RO DBT requires therapists to practice radical openness skills themselves, as it is experiential, not a therapy that can be learned solely intellectually. The use of outside consultation (such as a team) is one of the most effective ways to make this a reality.  A well-functioning consultation team, with open minds, provides not only support but also corrective feedback, enhances empathy for the client, promotes therapist adherence to the treatment and helps prevent therapist burn out.

By participating on an expert-led RO Consultation Team, you learn how to have an effective team on your own. Part of the work on the team involves modeling openness, giving and receiving corrective feedback, practicing RO mindfulness as a team, practicing self-inquiry, practicing identifying social signaling targets and solidifying all RO DBT techniques and principles. With the inconspicuous nature of most overcontrolled (OC) related problems, it is rarely sufficient for therapists to simply verbally describe in consultation what they believe to be the clinical problem. Role plays and videotapes of actual individual sessions or skills classes will be part of the team experience. 

Team consult package: Six Team Consult Meetings: A Senior RO Consult Leader leads a group of max. 10 learners and meets with them during a live webinar meeting (max. 2 hours per meeting). The aims of these meetings are similar to a regular team consult where issues regarding patients and treatment implementation are discussed. 

Participants who sign up for the consult team will be given a participant packet. This packet will include information about what is expected of you before attending the consult team. The purpose of this packet is to help prepare you for participating on the team and provide a foundation for the team consultation experience.

Price: Six Team Consult meetings taking place every other week (2 hours max.): $450

Booking Instructions: See below for the available packages and select the group of dates of your choice. Make sure you check and add all 6 dates to your Cart. Note: slots must be booked at least one week in advance.

2. RO expert led team consult for existing teams

Similar to the expert-led teams above, this option is for existing teams. You invite an expert to join your team to provide guidance and model RO consult leadership.


  • $75 per person per team consult (max. duration 2 hours), with a minimum of $300 per session or 4 people attending.
  • $65 per person per team consult (max. duration 2 hours) if a minimum of 6 people attend.

Booking Instructions: Please email us to enquire about the availability of our experts to join your team:

To read more about our RO Consultants and Supervisors, visit their profile pages.

How to Book

Select the Team Consult Package with dates of your choice by clicking View Product. Make sure you check and add all 6 dates to your Cart.


Note: packages must be booked at least one week before the start date.


19sep16:0018:00Team Consult PackageStart Date Thursday 19 September 2019 – $450

23sep12:0002:00Team Consult PackageStart Date Monday 23 September 2019 - $450


07oct12:0002:00Team Consult PackageStart Date Monday 7 October 2019 - $450

21oct12:0002:00Team Consult PackageStart Date Monday 21 October 2019 - $450

Entry requirements:

  1. You must be seeing patients
  2. You must have read the RO DBT books (Textbook and Skills manual)
  3. You must have completed at least Part 1 of the Intensive Training or the entire RO Clinician Course (including the final Workshop).

Using Zoom for online sessions:

Our supervisors typically use Zoom for their online sessions with you and/or your team. Zoom is secure and HIPAA compliant, which means everything that is being said and shown will not be available to anyone other than the team or person attending the meeting. Zoom sessions may be recorded for training and quality assurance purposes. Sessions are never shared publicly with anyone who is not part of the RO training team, but they may be shown to the supervisory team. If you object to your sessions being recorded, please let your supervisor, case consultant, or expert leader know.

Refunds and cancellations

The dates you sign up for will be stated clearly on the website before purchase. It is your responsibility to make sure you can attend the session(s). The package is non-refundable. For the Team Consult package, once bought, you are expected to attend all 6 sessions. If you miss a session it is not possible to defer to another date nor get reimbursed. Attendees must attend 6 sessions to have successfully completed the course.

For a full overview of our terms and conditions, please see

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