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RO Team Consult: Essential for starting an adherent RO-DBT program!  A great investment!

When our team started working with Kristen Fritsinger, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I had taken the RO-DBT intensive, loved the material, and wanted to translate learning to our DBT Eastside Team in a quick and adherent manner.  Before we started I worried that Kristen, being an RO-DBT expert, might tell us that “no way” were we ready to use RO to treat OC clients without ALL of us taking the intensive first. What a relief it was that Kristen was SO FLEXIBLE and OPEN with us and allowed our team’s expertise to build over time! And wow, it was great timing that the online learning launched not long after that, so other team members have been able to access the materials and resources I received in the intensive. Now, two years after my own training, we have a solid RO-DBT Team and Program at DBT Eastside, offering 6 RO classes for Adults, Teens and Parents. That would not have been possible without Kristen’s support and guidance.


Mary D Erickson MA LMHC, DBT Eastside - Bellevue, WA

RO DBT Live Webinar: really informative

I found the RO-DBT Intro webinar really informative and took lots away that will influence my practice.


Introductory Webinar Attendee, 2020, Psychologist, 20+ years of experience

It was great, one of the better webinars attended in terms of video quality. The presenter was great and really knew the topic, I learnt a lot theoretically and practically.

Introductory Webinar Attendee, 2020, Psychologist, 11-20 years of experience

Excellent intro to RO-DBT. Exactly what I was looking for.

Introductory Webinar Attendee, 2020, Psychologist, 1-5 years of experience

I appreciated the presenters’ expertise and their collaboration in discussion. Sending the structured interview guide was very helpful, too.

OC versus UC Advanced Webinar attendee, 2020, Psychologist, 11-20 years of experience

Live RO DBT Webinar: examples were incredibly helpful

Overall, the material was presented well and examples that were given were incredibly helpful. I do not think there is anything I would change at this time.

Introductory Webinar Attendee, 2020, Psychologist, 11-20 years of experience