RO DBT Resources

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Handouts, diary cards, role-plays, and more to support practicing RO DBT.



RO DBT Resources: 12-month subscription

Intended Audience: RO DBT Resources is designed to support learners who are attending or have completed the RO DBT Intensive Training, but can also be used by clinicians who have not attended an official training but who would like some additional support alongside the textbook and skills manual.

Discounts: we offer a 50% discount to clinicians who have previously attended an RO DBT Intensive Training. Please email specifying the training you have attended and we will send you the discount code to apply to your cart.

Contents: RO DBT Resources offers downloads such as templates for the diary card, skills class handouts for clients, and assessment materials. It also gives access to the role-plays shown during the intensive training weeks and there’s a library of links to YouTube videos that can be used to support skills training. Specific topics include:

  • Downloadable Resources (Handouts, Research Papers, Assessments, Leaflets, Presentations)
  • Practical Information for Intensive Training Participants
  • Homework Support for Intensive Training Participants
  • Role Play Videos shown in Part 1
  • Role Play Videos shown in Part 2
  • YouTube Videos and Other Supporting Materials for Skills Class
  • Supervision Information and Documentation
  • Steps to Becoming an RO DBT Trainer or Supervisor


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