Live Interactive Webinar: Distinguishing Maladaptive Overcontrolled from Maladaptive Undercontrolled Coping – May 6 2022

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This 2 hour live webinar builds on existing knowledge of how to assess for overcontrol and is intended for mental health clinicians who have a working knowledge of RO DBT.

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Aims and Learning Objectives


Aim: The aim of this 2 hour live interactive webinar is to teach mental health practitioners who are familiar with RO DBT how to better distinguish between overcontrolled and undercontrolled clients.

Brief summary: Karyn Hall, PhD, an experienced RO DBT supervisor and trainer, will address some of the various challenges in diagnosing maladaptive overcontrolled coping. Roelie Hempel, PhD, founder and co-director of Radically Open Ltd and trial manager of the multi-site RCT ‘RefraMED’ will present assessment data from the Reframed study that demonstrates how overcontrol can sometimes mask as undercontrol, and what to look out for. At the end of the webinar Dr Hall will present an RO DBT interview guide to help you distinguish OC from UC during your assessments (which will be made available to you).

Learning Objectives. After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Identify which borderline criteria are especially likely to be misdiagnosed in overcontrolled clients
  2. List the key points for distinguishing overcontrol from undercontrol presentations
  3. Distinguish overcontrol from undercontrol using the Interview Guide for Distinguishing OC from UC

Content Level: this live interactive webinar is at the intermediate level: it is assumed that you have at least completed Level 1 of the RO DBT Blended Learning program or have attended Part 1 of an RO DBT intensive training.

Target Audience and Requirements: Mental health professionals who are applying RO DBT in their daily practice and who have already completed Level 1 of the Blended Learning program or have attended Part 1 of the RO DBT Intensive training.

Trainers: Karyn Hall, PhD and Roelie Hempel, PhD (scroll down for full bio’s)

Conflicts of interest: We don’t receive any direct commercial support for our training company RO DBT Online B.V. However, Dr. Thomas Lynch, the RO DBT treatment developer and chief RO DBT trainer, receives royalty fees for the RO DBT Textbook and Skills Manual from New Harbinger publishers. He is married to Mrs Erica Smith-Lynch, co-owner and director of RO DBT Online B.V. and Radically Open Ltd.

Method of Delivery: this is a live interactive webinar delivered via Zoom. You will need to have a sufficiently strong internet connection to be able to attend, see Zoom System Requirements. 

Zoom & Account Link: You will receive your personal link to the Zoom meeting via email after your registration and payment have been processed. You will receive a separate email with information on how to access your online account where you will be able to download the handouts, and complete the evaluation form and download your certificate after the webinar.

Accessibility: If you have any questions, need help or want to discuss accessibility issues, please contact

May 6th, 2022

Live Webinar Schedule

US Central Time Greenwich Mean Time
10.00 am -11.30 am 4.00-5.30 pm Live Teaching
11.30 am-12.00 pm 5.20-6.00 pm Question and Answer opportunity

2 CE credits


You will receive a certificate of completion listing 2 CE credits provided you are logged in to the training on Zoom by the time the training starts, attend the entire training and complete the evaluation form via your online account. ACE and APA credit is not awarded for break times.

You will have one week to complete the evaluation form in order to receive your certificate, which can be downloaded from your online account once you have completed the evaluation form and your attendance has been verified by an administrator.

NOTE: if you want your professional license number to be added to your certificate, please add this to your Bio on your online profile page or send your license number to

Terms and Conditions

Refund, Cancellation and Grievances

This is a live interactive webinar, it is not possible to view a recording at a later date via this course.

If you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances after you have already purchased a ticket, we will issue a coupon code of the same value for attendance at a next, similar live event or you can be transferred to the on-demand version, see above.

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Instructor Bio

Dr Karyn Hall, PhD

Karyn Hall, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and certified coach. She is intensively trained in Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT) and certified as a clinical supervisor in RO DBT by Dr. Thomas Lynch. She is the second therapist in the United States to be certified as a clinical supervisor in RO DBT.

Karyn is intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and is a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certified Therapist. She was the first certified DBT clinician in Texas. She is also certified in Prolonged Exposure Therapy and trained in DBT-PE.

Karyn is the owner/director of the Dialectical Behavior Therapies Center in Houston, Tx, the first to offer RO DBT in Texas. A private practice, the Center offers sessions for individuals, families, and couples. The Center has both DBT and RO DBT consultation teams.

For over thirty years Karyn has worked with both adults and adolescents suffering from complex disorders such as personality disorders, chronic depression, chronic anxiety, and eating disorders. She has also served as a supervisor/consultant for therapists of various disciplines, nationally and internationally.

She blogs for Psychology Today and PsychCentral and is the author of Mindfulness Exercises for DBT Therapists, SAVVY, and The Emotionally Sensitive Person. She is the co-author of The Power of Validation and has published research on understanding emotional sensitivity and the use of virtual reality for teaching mindfulness. Her podcast, The Emotionally Sensitive Person, is available on iTunes. Karyn has presented and trained nationally and internationally

Currently Karyn is working on various research projects concerning RO DBT, including the effectiveness of a family skills class and investigating the biosocial theory of RO DBT.  In her free time, Karyn practices cooking edible meals to share with her tribe and spoiling Atlas and Plato, her Bolognese dogs.

Instructor Bio

Dr Roelie Hempel, PhD

Roelie Hempel, PhD, completed her PhD in Psychology in 2008 at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and subsequently worked as a senior research fellow at the Universities of Exeter (2008-2011) and Southampton (2011-2017) in the UK.

She was the Trial Manager for RefraMED, the multi-site randomised controlled trial investigating the efficacy and mechanisms of Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (RO DBT).

In 2017 she decided to switch from an academic to a business career and started working full-time for Radically Open Ltd. Her passions within the company are dissemination of RO DBT both to the academic and professional worlds, and developing online contents and e-learning modules to make RO DBT more accessible to the worldwide community of clinicians wanting to learn RO DBT.