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How It Works

The RO DBT Blended Learning programme

The RO DBT Blended Learning programme is the equivalent of the RO DBT Intensive Training course, but delivered via on-demand webinars and live webinars or one 3-day in-person workshop.

The RO DBT Blended Learning programme consists of 3 levels:
Level 1: 6 On-demand webinars explaining the basics of RO DBT.
Level 2: 25+ On-demand webinars going into more detail about how to deliver RO DBT effectively.
Level 3: Live webinars or in-person workshop teaching specific RO DBT skills

All three levels will need to be completed in succession to obtain an RO DBT Clinician Certificate. Scroll down this page for more detailed information.

Level 1

The Level 1- Introduction to Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy course lays the foundations for becoming an RO DBT Clinician. Underlying theories supporting the treatment will be taught that are essential for understanding the treatment itself and for being able to explain the treatment to clients to gain treatment commitment. The first level of the RO DBT Blended Learning programme consists of 6 online modules (visit the Product Page to see the full list with learning objectives for each module):

  • RO DBT: a new evidence-based treatment
  • Social Bonds and Self-Control
  • The Biosocial Theory for Disorders of Overcontrol
  • The RO DBT Neuroregulatory Model
  • Assessing Overcontrol
  • Introduction to Treatment Structure and Targeting

Each module ends with a quiz. To obtain a certificate of completion, all quizzes must be passed with 80%

Course Instructor: Dr. Thomas Lynch, RO DBT Treatment Developer

Continuing Education Hours: 8

Price: $249.99

Level 2

Level 2 follows on from Level 1 of the RO Blended Learning program and teaches more in-depth RO DBT skills aimed at clinicians who wish to implement RO DBT into their practice. The entire course consists of more than 25 on-demand webinars and quizzes that need to be completed in order to obtain a certificate of completion. Level 2 of the RO DBT Blended Learning program covers the following Topics:

  • Radical Openness
  • Self-Enquiry
  • RO DBT Treatment Structure
  • The Key Mechanism of Change
  • Therapeutic Use of Micro-Mimicry
  • Therapeutic Use of Social Signaling
  • Therapeutic Teasing
  • The Enigma Predicament
  • The OC Subtypes
  • Alliance Ruptures
  • Behavioral Principles
  • Managing Pushbacks and Don’t Hurt Me’s
  • Treatment Targeting
  • Chain & Solution Analysis
  • RO DBT Skills Training

For a full least of Learning Objectives, visit one of the Product Pages.

Drip-Feed Schedule: Level 2 is still under development, with 4-6 new on-demand webinars being released every 3 months. While we are still developing the contents for Level 2, we are offering this at a Special Early Launch Price: $1000

  • You can either pay in 4 instalments (3 months in between instalments) or you can pay the entire sum at once
  • Every 3 months you will get access to 4-6 brand new, hot off the press, on-demand webinars all taught by Dr. Thomas Lynch!

You will have indefinite access to the Level 1 and 2 materials once you have completed the course.

PLUS FREE BONUS: 12 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION TO RO DBT RESOURCES (the 12 month-period starts from the moment the final part is added to your account)

We also offer a Package deal for Levels 1 and 2 together ($1100): go to our Courses Overview page to select either the subscription model or one-time payment option.

Course Instructor: Dr. Thomas Lynch, RO DBT Treatment Developer (scroll down for full Bio)

Continuing Education hours: TBC

Level 3

Once you have completed Levels 1 and 2, you will need to attend a series of live webinars or an in-person workshop if you wish to obtain the RO DBT Clinician Certificate.

Level 3 will consist of practical exercises and role-plays to consolidate your learning from Levels 1 and 2.

The workshop will be very interactive, full audience participation is expected.

The exact locations of the workshops or timings of the live webinars will be announced once Level 2 has been launched.

Entry Requirements and Additional Information

Target audience: Apart from a professional qualification in a mental health or related field (e.g. psychology, psychiatry, social work, mental health nursing) there are no further prerequisites for the course. Previous training in standard DBT is not a requirement for attending RO DBT training.

Content Level: Intermediate – it is assumed that you have a professional qualification in the mental health field (e.g. psychology, social work).

Recommended Reading Materials:

  1. Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Theory and Practice for Treating Disorders of Overcontrol (T. Lynch, 2018; published by New Harbinger)
  2. The Skills Training Manual for Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Clinician’s Guide for Treating Disorders of Overcontrol (T. Lynch, 2018; published by New Harbinger)

These books will be used throughout the training as reference works. For Level 1 you will be able to download the referenced book sections from the lesson materials if you do not (yet) own the textbook or skills manual. For Level 2 you will not receive excerpts from the Textbook or Skills Manual as part of the Level 2 and 3 courses. It is assumed that clinicians wishing to learn RO DBT will have purchased these books already. If you have not, you can purchase them through various book sellers, including Amazon and New Harbinger, the publisher.

Accreditation: We are accredited by the American Psychological Association.

Conflicts of interest: We don’t receive any direct commercial support for our training companies Radically Open Ltd and Radically Open Blended Learning. However, Dr. Thomas Lynch, the RO DBT treatment developer and chief RO DBT trainer, receives royalty fees for the RO DBT Textbook and Skills Manual from New Harbinger publishers. He is married to Mrs Erica Smith-Lynch, co-owner and director or Radically Open Ltd.

Blended Learning Testimonials

Accessible, informative, supportive, light-hearted

I’m so grateful to have been able to do my RO-DBT training online! As a therapist that focuses on treating eating disorders and concurrent conditions, RO-DBT has been extremely helpful in treating my more restrictive, controlled clients – especially those with concurrent anxiety, depression and/or OCD. When things locked down over the COVID-19 pandemic, I was so concerned I would not be able to continue with my RO-DBT training. When I found out there was an online option available, I was SO relieved. The online trainings were really easy to do from home, brought to life the concepts from the texts, and help me better understand how to apply the protocols. The online format made the experience really accessible too – so I am able to start using the treatment ASAP, something that was really important to me. I was nervous that the online training just wouldn’t be the same as in-person options and, while I only did online training so I can’t compare, I am certainly not walking away feeling I have missed out on anything!

I definitely recommend the online trainings, they are an accessible way to get the content and really bring the learning down to it’s roots/basics without over-complicating things. I am so glad they exist!

Joelle Anderson, MA, RP, CCC,, Kernel of Wisdom

The RO blended learning course is a well put together and well thought out programme. I have learnt a lot about over control and how it manifests in different individuals. The course has enabled me to understand people who exhibit high levels of control, and has helped me begin to learn how to support these individuals. The course itself is very comprehensive. I was initially worried that an online course would be less intensive, or that it would be too brief, but this has not been the case. The course is interesting, and as you would expect from anything RO-DBT related, filled with mischief! This helped to keep the content engaging, and allowed me to get a sense of the overall spirit of the therapy.

Luke, Social worker & Specialist practitioner in personality disorders


Radically Open Ltd is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Radically Open Ltd maintains responsibility for this program and its content.