Over the last 20 years, RO DBT was tested in randomized studies at Duke University and around the world, being funded by the National Institute of Health and other top health organizations. And the results have been astonishing for clients across diagnoses.

Clients who had chronic depression saw their symptoms improve over a few months… after struggling with these feelings for several years.

Clients with anxiety that didn’t respond to other evidence-based treatments reported feeling less anxious after using RO DBT. And it’s even been effective for treating clients with other issues connected to overcontrol like anorexia nervosa.

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Level 1 On-Demand Topics

The first level of the RO DBT Blended Learning programme consists of 6 online modules and is delivered via pesi.com:

  • RO DBT: a new evidence-based treatment
  • Social Bonds and Self-Control
  • The Biosocial Theory for Disorders of Overcontrol
  • The RO DBT Neuroregulatory Model
  • Assessing Overcontrol
  • Introduction to Treatment Structure and Targeting


Learning RO-DBT Has Never Been Easier...

what do you get

  • Module 1: Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT) for Disorders of Overcontrol

    • The REAL reason 2/3 of clients with depression don’t benefit from current therapies (and the innovative solution)

    • How silliness in therapy can help your clients recover from overcontrol issues

    • The “Silent Majority Paradox” – why research has ignored the largest group struggling with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders (and how to use new treatments to help them)

  • Module 2: Social Bonds and Self Control: How Overcontrol Creates Problems in Our Lives

    • How the ultimate survival tool can help your clients live happier, more connected lives

    • Why you need to help your clients work against having “too much of a good thing”

    • The “hunting dogs, swords, and shields” analogy that makes your clients’ underlying issues clear to them

  • Module 3: Bio-Social Theory for Disorders of Overcontrol: How Overcontrol Develops

    • The 3 core features of psychological health (and how RO DBT gives your clients the gift of all 3)

    • How to introduce the surprising reasons your client has struggled silently since childhood

    • Why your client's typical coping style has actually made life harder and more isolated (with video demonstration)

  • Module 4: The RO DBT Neuroregulatory Model: Start with Biotemperament

    • “The Big 3 + 1” – the technique you can use to activate your client’s social safety system almost anywhere and anytime, even in the most stressful situations

    • How RO DBT targets the brain’s natural way of responding to cues of safety and threat

    • Why you’ll see the greatest gains in treatment when starting with interventions targeting the body

  • Module 5: Assessing Overcontrol: Evaluating If RO DBT is Right for Your Clients

    • The 4 core deficits that lead to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and social isolation

    • How to avoid making common mistakes in misdiagnosing this newly discovered population using specific interviews and rating scales

    • The challenging step you must take to truly be effective in treating clients with overcontrol

  • Module 6: Treatment Structure & Targeting: Pulling It All Together

    • The critical things you need to do in the first few sessions to set a firm foundation for change

    • What are the MOST IMPORTANT behaviors to target first (and why sequencing is so important in making treatment effective for your clients)

    • The 8-word question to keep in mind as the key to effective treatment targeting

  • Bonus! 1 Hour FREE CE ($59.99 Value): The Missing Dialectic: How RO DBT Differs from DBT By Dr. Thomas Lynch

    • Why the missing dialectic could be the key to a breakthrough for many of your clients

    • What RO DBT shares in common with DBT, and how they’re different

    • How “radical openness” can help your clients feel more supported, less anxious, and less isolated

Level 1 of the Online RO DBT Blended Learning programme

Breakthrough Treatment Techniques for Overcontrolled Personality Disorders, Eating Disorders, and Chronic Depression and Anxiety.


the entire Learning programme

The RO DBT Blended Learning programme

The RO DBT Blended Learning programme is the equivalent of the RO DBT Intensive Training course, but delivered via on-demand webinars and one 3-day in-person workshop.

The RO DBT Blended Learning programme consists of 3 levels:
Level 1: 6 On-demand webinars explaining the basics of RO DBT. These are delivered via www.pesi.com.
Level 2: 20+ On-demand webinars going into more detail about how to deliver RO DBT effectively.
Level 3: One 3-day in-person workshop teaching specific RO DBT skills.

All three levels will need to be completed in succession to obtain an RO DBT Clinician Certificate.