The RO DBT Blended Learning programme consists of 3 levels:

  • Level 1: 6 +1 on-demand webinars explaining the basics of RO DBT
  • Level 2: 20+ on-demand webinars going into more detail about how to deliver RO DBT effectively
  • Level 3: Live webinars or in-person workshop teaching specific RO DBT skills

All three levels will need to be completed in succession to obtain an RO DBT Clinician Certificate.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the RO DBT Intensive Training and the RO DBT Blended Learning programme?

    •  The content in an Intensive training and the 3 levels of the Blended Learning programme is the same; the difference is the way in which the material is delivered. The Intensive training consists of 2 x 5 days in-person workshops, while the Blended Learning programme consists of on-demand webinars (Levels 1 and 2) and one 3-day workshop (Level 3). Both types of training provide you with the skills to practice RO DBT as a clinician and will result in an RO DBT Clinician Certificate.

  • Is Level 1 of the Blended Learning programme the same as a one-day introductory training?

    • No, these are not the same. Level 1 contains more in-depth teaching and is the equivalent of the first day or so of the Intensive training, whereas a one-day introductory training is designed to give attendees an idea of what RO DBT is and who it is for.

  • I have attended a one-day introductory training in RO DBT. Should I still complete Level 1 ?

    • Yes, you should still complete Level 1 of the online training even if you have attended an introductory training. There may be some overlap, but the teaching will be much more detailed in Level 1, plus there will be quiz questions to test your knowledge.

  • For how long will the Level 2 'Special Launch Price' of $1000 be valid?

    •  The Special Launch price for Level 2 will be available for as long as it takes us to complete the course materials, likely until May 2021. After this date the price will probably go up to $1200.

  • How much will Level 3 cost? 

    • We don't know the exact price yet because we are still developing the materials, but we estimate Level 3 to cost $800-1000.

  • When and where will the Level 3 training workshops be held?

    • We hope to start hosting our first Level 3 training workshops from May/June 2021 onward. The locations will depend on where our Level 2 customers are based. For example, if there are at least 15-20 people who are doing L2 located in 'State Y', we will aim to organize a L3 training there.

  • Will Level 3 also be offered in an online format?

    • We are also looking into an online version of L3, but this is also still under development.

  • Is the Blended Learning programme a certification course?

    •  No, not in the sense that you may be used to from other treatment modalities such as standard DBT. You will receive a certificate of completion after levels 1, 2 and 3. The three certificates together have the same merit and value as the certificates of attendance for parts 1 and 2 of the intensive training.

  • Is there an RO DBT Certification course?

    •  Not yet. We will be developing a more formal certification pathway over the next year or so and will announce this once it’s ready.


Customer experiences

The teaching material and practice regarding RO were really impactful – forget about my patients – I’m learning so much about myself, my world and my own style that the Transatlantic trip was worthwhile for this alone!

Natasha, NHS Therapist and DBT specialist

I have found it to be very user-friendly. The patients themselves have said that they have found it very impactful… For me, I have found that it’s been very helpful to me to provide the therapy but also for my own personal life. RO DBT focuses in on social functioning and getting better relationships. Very few other therapeutic techniques teach patients actual skills — how to use their own body to help to them interact differently with and influence their environment. People pick the skills up fairly quickly.

Amy Gaglia, NHS Therapist and DBT specialist

In the practice I work at our RO program has grown pretty quickly, which has been super cool to see! We started out as a practice mainly doing standard DBT, and since we found RO we’ve realized how many of our clients are OC and need RO instead. The shift from DBT to RO for a lot of our population has been neat to witness – clients able to do work in areas needed, and our clinicians not trained in RO being supportive of us and interested in learning more.

Jordan Morehouse,, Toledo, Ohio


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