RO DBT Certificate Courses: see below

There are two ways to obtain an RO DBT Clinician certificate that will provide you with the skills to practice as an RO DBT Clinician:
1. RO DBT Intensive Training: offered via Radically Open Ltd
2. RO DBT Blended Learning programme: scroll down for more information
These courses provide the same content and teaching, but are delivered in different ways: the intensive training is a 2 x 5 days in-person workshop, whereas the blended learning programme is a combination of on-demand webinars (levels 1 and 2) and one 3-day in-person workshop (level 3).


For RO DBT Intensive Trainings, visit our Training Events Page

For RO DBT Blended Learning Level 1, visit the PESI training catalogue

The RO DBT Blended Learning programme

The RO DBT Blended Learning programme is the equivalent of the RO DBT Intensive Training course, but delivered via on-demand webinars and one 3-day in-person workshop.

The RO DBT Blended Learning programme consists of 3 levels:

  • Level 1: 6 on-demand webinars explaining the basics of RO DBT. These are delivered via
  • Level 2: +/- 15 on-demand webinars going into more detail about how to deliver RO DBT effectively
  • Level 3: one 3-day in-person workshop teaching specific RO DBT skills

All three levels will need to be completed in succession to obtain an RO DBT Clinician Certificate. 

Available NOW:

Level 1 On-Demand Topics

The first level of the RO DBT Blended Learning programme consists of 6 online modules and is delivered via

  • RO DBT: a new evidence-based treatment
  • Social Bonds and Self-Control
  • The Biosocial Theory for Disorders of Overcontrol
  • The RO DBT Neuroregulatory Model
  • Assessing Overcontrol
  • Introduction to Treatment Structure and Targeting


Expected May-June 2020

Level 2 On-Demand Topics

Level 2 of the RO DBT Blended Learning programme is currently being developed, but will contain the following topics:

  • Radical Openness
  • Self-Enquiry
  • Therapeutic Use of Micro-Mimicry
  • The Key Mechanism of Change
  • Therapeutic Use of Social Signaling
  • RO DBT Treatment Structure
  • Orientation and Commitment in RO DBT
  • Alliance Ruptures
  • The OC Subtypes
  • Behavioral Principles
  • Therapeutic Teasing
  • Managing Pushbacks and Don’t Hurt Me’s
  • Treatment Targeting
  • Chain Analysis
  • RO DBT Skills Training

Expected November 2020

Level 3 Workshop

Once you have completed Levels 1 and 2, you will need to attend a 3-day workshop if you wish to obtain the RO DBT Clinician Certificate.

The workshop will consist of practical exercises and role-plays to consolidate your learning from Levels 1 and 2.

You will practice how to

  • effectively deliver the RO DBT scripts,
  • recognize maladaptive social signaling,
  • do a chain analysis,
  • repair an alliance rupture,
  • use teasing as a therapeutic tool, and
  • manage maladaptive behavior, both in individual therapy as well as RO Skills Class.

The workshop will be very interactive, full audience participation is expected.

The exact locations of the workshops will be announced once Level 2 has been launched.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the RO DBT Intensive Training and the RO DBT Blended Learning programme?

The content in an Intensive training and the 3 levels of the Blended Learning programme is the same; the difference is the way in which the material is delivered. The Intensive training consists of 2 x 5 days in-person workshops, while the Blended Learning programme consists of on-demand webinars (Levels 1 and 2) and one 3-day workshop (Level 3). Both types of training provide you with the skills to practice RO DBT as a clinician and will result in an RO DBT Clinician Certificate.

2. Is Level 1 of the Blended Learning programme the same as a one-day introductory training?

No, these are not the same. Level 1 contains more in-depth teaching and is the equivalent of the first day or so of the Intensive training, whereas a one-day introductory training is designed to give attendees an idea of what RO DBT is and who it is for.

3. Is the Blended Learning programme a certification course?

No, not in the sense that you may be used to from other treatment modalities such as standard DBT. You will receive a certificate of completion after levels 1, 2 and 3. The three certificates together have the same merit and value as the certificates of attendance for parts 1 and 2 of the intensive training.

4. Is there an RO DBT Certification course?

Not yet. We will be developing a more formal certification pathway over the next year or so and will announce this once it’s ready.

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