Earn up to 58 CE credits if you complete all four courses!

The best way to learn the RO DBT Skills is by practicing them yourself in real life!

“It is key for RO DBT Therapists to know the RO Skills from the Manual so they can flexibly respond and reinforce skills use, both during RO Skills Classes but also in individual treatment, for example during Chain and Solution Analyses.”

Guess what?! The best way to learn the RO DBT Skills is by practicing them yourself in real life!

This series of courses, consisting of live interactive online skills classes for clinicians, using the lessons outlined in the RO skills manual, and delivered by our accredited RO senior clinicians, has two main aims:

  • Learn the RO DBT Skills by practicing them yourself in real life; and
  • Learn how to deliver RO DBT skills classes effectively by watching how it’s done.

You can earn up to 58 CE credits if you complete all four courses!

Content Level & Entry Requirements: this live interactive webinar is at the intermediate level – it is expected that participants have read the RO DBT Textbook and Skills Training Manual and have at least started Level 2 of the Blended Learning program or have completed Part 1 of the Intensive Training.

Four Separate Skills Class Courses for Clinicians

We offer four separate courses, each consisting of seven or eight RO skills lessons. It is your choice  whether you do one course or two, three or all of them.

Lessons 1-6 have already started, but you can join any of the other three classes that are available. You do not have to wait until we offer Lessons 1-6 again. We view this as an ‘open’ class system, whereby you can start with any of the four lesson series we offer.

Note: We will offer separate on-demand webinars and live workshops on how to handle maladaptive behavior, such as not doing homework etc., so these principles won’t be covered in the classes.

How it works:

Each course consists of seven or eight live interactive online skills classes, each lasting 2 hours.

Each 2-hour class will consist of:

  • Homework review: we will limit this to 30 minutes rather than the recommended hour for ‘real’ classes. All participants are expected to have completed all homework: one or two participants will be asked to share it in full with the class, while for others it may be reviewed in a more condensed manner.
  • Skills teaching: approximately 60 minutes, depending on teaching materials. All participants are expected to engage with the class. There will be no discussion around teaching methods during the class itself.
  • Pedagogical Teaching: 30 minutes. Any questions you have about teaching methods, principles or styles can be asked during this final part of the lesson.

Each course ends with an integration week (aka Lesson 30). This class will differ slightly from a regular integration week in that it will consist of homework review from the previous week, one exercise from the integration week material, with remaining time devoted to pedagogical teaching.

You attend the RO Skills Class as yourself (don’t play a client!) and are expected to be an active participant, which includes completing all required homework.

You are expected to attend all skills classes within each course: your certificate of attendance will be based on attending all classes of the course in full.