In-person and online training events

We offer several types of live training courses and events:

  1. Live Webinars, ranging from introductory to advanced levels
  2. Team Consults led by RO DBT Senior clinicians, for trained RO DBT clinicians who want to further develop their RO DBT skills

All our trainings are delivered by approved RO DBT trainers and supervisors. Scroll down for a full list of events and more detailed explanations of what each event type entails.

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All upcoming live Training Events

Live Webinars

We offer live webinars ranging from introductory to advanced levels.

We also advertise introductory webinars hosted by our Senior Clinicians, who are approved RO DBT trainers.

Consultation & Supervision

For those of you who wish to further develop their RO Skills, we are now offering several options:

  1. Expert-Led Team Consult: offers support to RO DBT therapists, both as they learn the treatment and on an ongoing basis. 
  2. Meet the Expert: an opportunity for clinicians to ask questions about the teaching materials. 
  3. Supervision: with a RO accredited supervisor

RO DBT Intensive Training: delivered excellently in an engaging manner The course was delivered excellently in an engaging manner that caught and held my interest. Nicole and Sophie were fabulous at delivering complex concepts and delivering these modelling RO themes...

Dorset 2020 Part 1 Training, Clinical nurse practitioner

RO DBT Intensive Training: everything clicked into place Thoroughly enjoyed the week. I felt that by the end of the week everything clicked into place and I feel able to practice on my own to enhance and refine the skills.

Dorset 2020 Part 1 Training, Mental health nurse, 1-5 years experience

RO DBT Intensive Training: I learnt so much Overall it was really worthwhile training. I learnt so much. The training team were a “well-oiled” machine; adapting to feedback and ensuring the learning experience benefited the whole learning tribe. I have...

Sydney 2020 Part 1 Training, Psychologist, 11-20 years of experience

RO DBT Intensive Training: I’m learning so much about myself The teaching material and practice regarding RO were really impactful – forget about my patients – I’m learning so much about myself, my world and my own style that the...

Natasha, NHS Therapist and DBT specialist

RO DBT Intensive Training: Overall an excellent training! Overall an excellent training! Materials were clear and comprehensive. Presenters were knowledgeable and engaging. Organizing team were very effective. Videos very useful in demonstrating and enhancing understanding of concepts. Group discussion was...

Sydney 2020 Part 1 Training, Psychologist, 11-20 years of experience

RO DBT Intensive Training: Paradigm Shift! Paradigm Shift! Viewing problems as OC UC moves from pathologizing the human condition to embracing our challenges as opportunities for learning [and] growth in relationships with ourselves and others.

New Jersey Intensive Training May 2017, Social Worker

RO DBT Intensive Training: Really excellent. Really excellent. I am so excited to start to apply RO-DBT! I loved the role plays and the way the instructors modelled RO-DBT principles in the way the material was presented.

Sydney 2020 Part 1 Training, Psychologist, 11-20 years of experience

RO DBT Intensive Training: role-plays are profoundly impactful I wanted to share with you that role play and the entire training was one of the most profoundly impactful experiences of my life. I seriously could have kept role playing all...

RO DBT Intensive Training: we’ve realized how many of our clients are OC In the practice I work at our RO program has grown pretty quickly, which has been super cool to see! We started out as a practice mainly...

Jordan Morehouse, Toledo, Ohio

RO DBT Intensive Training: Wonderful Training What a wonderful training. The best Intensive I have ever attended. I am so inspired by each and every one of you to learn this thoroughly and practice this!!

New Jersey Intensive Training, May 2017, Psychologist

RO DBT Intensive: Loved! Loved! Loved! Loved! Loved! Loved! I’m so glad it was different than traditional DBT and created a solution/avenue for the ‘missed’ clients! Amazing presenters.

RO Team Consult: Insightful, challenging, rewarding It was a pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to interact with Karyn Hall during expert-led consult.  This training allows anyone with hands on experience in RO-DBT to take their knowledge, experience and...

Gregory A. Peebles, Anxiety Specialist, Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute, Center for OCD and Anxiety Related Disorders (COARD)

RO Team Consult: Insightful, effective, fun My experience was great. Our whole team stepped up our game noticeably over the six sessions. It was very helpful. Karyn modeled the RO approach while attending to all our questions and we came...

Team Consult Member, LMFT

RO Team Consult: Superfricken- fantastic! I would definitely give the expert-led consult team 5 stars. My tribe made this an informative, thought provoking and a very enjoyable experience. I felt so much support from my team. It was refreshing to...

Roy Chancey, LCSW, Therapist at Hillside Inc., Atlanta GA