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Welcome to the Sydney Live Meeting Series!

If you missed a meeting you can watch the video here going to the ‘lesson’ for that particular meeting.

Here are the dates, all times are Sydney Time and meetings are 90 minutes:

  1. Tuesday 20-Oct-20 from 6-7 PM Q&A
    • Assessment issues, treatment structure, social signalling, LKM.
    • Associated BL modules: 5 and 9.
  2. Tuesday 17-Nov-20 from 7-8.30 PM Micro-supervision
  3. Wednesday 16-Dec-20 from 9-10.30 AM Q&A
    • Bio-social theory, neuroregulatory model and key mechanism of change – theory and role play.
    • Associated BL modules: 3, 4 and 10
  4. Wednesday 13-Jan-21 from 9-10.30 AM Micro-supervision
  5. Tuesday 16-Feb-21 from 7-8.30 PM Q&A
    • Push back’ and don’t hurt me’s, Enigma Predicament, Behavioral Principles –discussion , role play, problems.
    • Associated BL modules: 19, 20, 21
  6. Tuesday 16-Mar-21 from 7-8.30 PM Micro-supervision
  7. Wednesday 14-Apr-21 from 7-8.30 AM Q&A
    • Skills class, Alliance ruptures, Targeting, Chain and Solution Analysis – role plays, problems.
    • Associated BL modules: TBC
  8. Wednesday 12-May-21 from 7-8.30 AM Micro-supervision