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Welcome to the SLC Live Meeting Series!

If you missed a meeting you can watch the video here by going to the ‘lesson’ for that particular meeting.

Here are the dates, all times are US Central Time and meetings are 90 minutes:

  1. Monday 21-Sep-20; 2-3 PM Q&A 
    • Assessment issues, treatment structure, social signalling, LKM.
    • Associated BL modules: 5 and 9.
  2. Monday 19-Oct-20; 2-3.30 PM Micro-supervision 
  3. Tuesday 17-Nov-20; 1-2.30 PM Q&A 
    • Bio-social theory, neuroregulatory model and key mechanism of change – theory and role play.
    • Associated BL modules: 3, 4, and 10.
  4. Tuesday 8-Dec-20; 1-2.30 PM Micro-supervision
  5. Monday 18-Jan-21; 2-3.30 PM Q&A
    • Push back’ and don’t hurt me’s, Enigma Predicament, Behavioral Principles –discussion , role play, problems.
    • Associated BL modules: 19, 20, 21
  6. Monday 15-Feb-21; 2-3.30 PM Micro-supervision
  7. Tuesday 23-Mar-21; 1-2.30 PM Q&A
    • Skills class, Alliance ruptures, Targeting, Chain and Solution Analysis- role plays, problems.
    • Associated BL modules: TBC
  8. Tuesday 20-Apr-21; 1.2.30 PM Micro-supervision