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Welcome to our Live Webinar: Introduction to Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy  for Disorders of Over-Control

Date & Time: February 18, 2021, 12.30-3.30 pm US Eastern Time

Trainer: Heidi Petracco, MSW, LCSW, BCD

Live Webinar Schedule, February 18th, 2021 (times are US Eastern Time):

12.30-1.45 pm Live Teaching

1.45-1.55 pm Question and Answer opportunity

1.55-2.00 pm BREAK

2.00-3.15 pm Live Teaching

3.15-3.30 pm Question and Answer opportunity

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Pre-Meeting Reading Materials: RO DBT Special Issue of the Behavior Therapist (downloadable from Course Materials)

Intended Audience & Aims: This 3 hour live webinar gives mental health practitioners who are not yet familiar with RO DBT and overview of what type of treatment RO DBT is. The aim is for clinicians to be able to make a more informed decision after attending this webinar on whether or not RO DBT is suitable for their clients and whether they want to learn how to practice RO DBT.

Content Level: Intermediate – it is assumed that you have a professional qualification in the mental health field (e.g. psychology, social work).

Brief summary of RO DBT: Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT) is a treatment for patients who suffer from emotional and behavioral over-control. Some clients lack emotional control and need interventions designed to enhance emotional and behavioral control; others, for whom RO DBT is designed, require interventions designed to relax rigid or inflexible control. RO DBT has been researched over the past 25 years for patients with chronic depression or anorexia nervosa. Research results suggest that it is effective in these, and other, hard-to-treat groups such as Autism Spectrum Disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder.

Please note: This is a 3 hour introductory training – the comprehensive implementation trainings comprise approximately 40-50 hours of blended learning (a combination of online and in person training) or 70 hours of intensive in person training offered as 2 x 5 full day trainings, with approximately 6 months between each 5 days. More details of both can be found here:

Learning Objectives. After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Define the problem of overcontrol according to the four core deficits and the biosocial theory for overcontrol
  2. Describe what Radical Openness is (and is not)
  3. Describe the RO-DBT treatment hierarchy and modes of treatment
  4. Make an informed decision on whether or not RO DBT might be a suitable treatment for my clients

Prerequisites: Apart from a professional qualification in a mental health or related field (e.g. psychology, psychiatry, social work, mental health nursing) there are no further prerequisites for the course.

Conflicts of interest: We don’t receive any direct commercial support for our training companies Radically Open Ltd or Radically Open Blended Learning. However, Dr. Thomas Lynch, the RO DBT treatment developer and chief RO DBT trainer, receives royalty fees for the RO DBT Textbook and Skills Manual from New Harbinger publishers. He is married to Mrs Erica Smith-Lynch, co-owner and director or Radically Open Ltd.

Method of Delivery: this is an interactive live webinar delivered via Zoom. You will need to have a sufficiently strong internet connection to be able to attend, see Zoom System Requirements. You will be able to submit questions in advance via the online pre-webinar survey we will send to you as well as during the webinar itself via the Question pod in Zoom. Due to time constraints it may not be possible to answer all questions but the trainer will do their best to answer those questions that are likely to be relevant to the majority of attendees.

Accessibility: The webinar will have live captions which can be turned on or off by the viewers.

Certificate: In order to obtain your CE certificate (3 CE hours), we ask you to complete two quizzes after the webinar has taken place. This will become available here.

How to access the quizzes:

  1. Scroll down to Course Content
  2. Click in the first lesson ‘Pre-Webinar Survey’ and make sure you mark this as Complete. If it says ‘Thank you’ it means you have completed the quiz.
  3. To access the webinar or view the recording afterwards, click ‘Live Webinar: Intro to RO DBT Zoom Recording’ and make sure you mark this as Complete
  4. Click on ‘Live Webinar: Intro to RO DBT Quiz’
  5. Complete Intro to RO Knowledge quiz: you will need to answer 75% of the quiz questions correctly.
  6. Complete Live Webinar: Intro to RO DBT Evaluation: please give us your honest feedback, your answers will not be rated and will not have any effect on your certificate

After you have completed these two quizzes, you will be able to download your certificate straight from this website.

You will have access to this course up until 2 months after the live webinar has taken place (18 April 2021). Please make sure you complete the quizzes before this course expires!

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There are two ways to obtain an RO DBT certificate that will provide you with the skills to practice as an RO DBT Clinician:
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2. Online RO DBT Blended Learning programme:
These courses provide the same content and teaching, but are delivered in different ways: the intensive training is a 2 x 5 days in-person workshop, whereas the blended learning programme is a combination of on-demand webinars (levels 1 and 2) and live webinars or a workshop (level 3).

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We hope to see you again!
Best wishes from all of us at Radically Open!