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Thank you for attending our “Live Webinar: Introduction to Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy  for Disorders of Over-Control”

Date & Time: October 7th, 12-3.15 pm US Central Time / 6-9.15 PM Greenwich Mean Team

Certificate: In order to obtain your CE certificate, we ask you to complete two quizzes after the webinar has taken place. This will become available here.

How to access the quizzes:

  1. Scroll down to Course Content
  2. Click in the first lesson ‘Live Webinar: Intro to RO DBT Zoom Recording’ and make sure you mark this as Complete
  3. Click on ‘Live Webinar: Intro to RO DBT Quiz’
  4. Complete Intro to RO Knowledge quiz: you will need to answer 75% of the quiz questions correctly.
  5. Complete Live Webinar: Intro to RO DBT Evaluation: please give us your honest feedback, your answers will not be rated and will not have any effect on your certificate

After you have completed these two quizzes, you will be able to download your certificate straight from this website.

You will have access to this course up until 2 months after the live webinar has taken place. Please make sure you complete the quizzes before this course expires!

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There are two ways to obtain an RO DBT certificate that will provide you with the skills to practice as an RO DBT Clinician:
1. In-Person RO DBT Intensive Training:
2. Online RO DBT Blended Learning programme:
These courses provide the same content and teaching, but are delivered in different ways: the intensive training is a 2 x 5 days in-person workshop, whereas the blended learning programme is a combination of on-demand webinars (levels 1 and 2) and live webinars or a workshop (level 3).

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We hope to see you again!
Best wishes from all of us at Radically Open!