Expert-Led Team Consult

The aim of the expert-led Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT) consult team is to support RO DBT therapists with the collective wisdom of their colleagues and an expert in learning and providing RO DBT. Effective delivery of RO DBT requires therapists to practice radical openness skills themselves, as it is experiential, not a therapy that can be learned solely intellectually. The use of outside consultation (such as a team) is one of the most effective ways to make this a reality. A well-functioning consultation team, with open minds, provides not only support but also corrective feedback, enhances empathy for the client, promotes therapist adherence to the treatment and helps prevent therapist burn out.

By participating on an expert-led RO Consultation Team, you learn how to have an effective team on your own. Part of the work on the team involves modeling openness, giving and receiving corrective feedback, practicing RO mindfulness as a team, practicing self-inquiry, practicing identifying social signaling targets and solidifying all RO DBT techniques and principles. With the inconspicuous nature of most overcontrolled (OC) related problems, it is rarely sufficient for therapists to simply verbally describe in consultation what they believe to be the clinical problem. Role plays and videotapes of actual individual sessions or skills classes will be part of the team experience.

How does it work?

As a group of individuals, you commit to at least six Team Consult Meetings. A Senior RO Consult Leader leads a group of max. 10 learners and meets with them during a live webinar meeting (max. 2 hours per meeting). You invite an expert to join your team to provide guidance and model RO consult leadership. The aims of these meetings are similar to a regular team consult where issues regarding patients and treatment implementation are discussed.

Participants who sign up for the consult team will be given a participant packet. This packet will include information about what is expected of you before attending the consult team. The purpose of this packet is to help prepare you for participating on the team and provide a foundation for the team consultation experience.

Costs and requirements

Entry requirements:

  • You must be seeing patients
  • You must have read the RO DBT books (Textbook and Skills manual)
  • At least 2/3 of the team must have completed at least Part 1 of the Intensive Training or have completed level 1 of the Blended Learning program and have started on level 2, i.e. in a team of 4, 3 people must have completed parts 1 and 2, in a team of 5, 4 people must have completed the training, in a team of 6, 4 people must have completed the training, in a team of 7, 5 people must have completed the training, and in a team of 8, 6 people must have completed the training.
  • For teams who don’t meet this criterion, team supervision is an option. For team supervision, one member of the team must have completed Part 1 of the intensive. This member can have micro-analytic supervision with the full team in attendance to listen. The expectation is the majority of the team members are registered or have plans to register for the intensive training or the full BL program, within the year. Supervision will be directed at the person presenting the tape and the goal will be to support their learning via commentary on the taped session, not to teach any RO DBT techniques not associated with the tape.

Price: $75 per person per 2-hour team consult or $37.50 per 1-hour team consult meeting

Booking Instructions: Please email us to enquire about the availability of our experts to join your team:

RO Team Consult: Superfricken- fantastic! I would definitely give the expert-led consult team 5 stars. My tribe made this an informative, thought provoking and a very enjoyable experience. I felt so much support from my team. It was refreshing to...

Roy Chancey, LCSW, Therapist at Hillside Inc., Atlanta GA

Insightful, challenging, rewarding It was a pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to interact with Karyn Hall during expert-led consult.  This training allows anyone with hands on experience in RO-DBT to take their knowledge, experience and understanding to the...

Gregory A. Peebles, Anxiety Specialist, Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute, Center for OCD and Anxiety Related Disorders (COARD)

RO Team Consult: Insightful, effective, fun My experience was great. Our whole team stepped up our game noticeably over the six sessions. It was very helpful. Karyn modeled the RO approach while attending to all our questions and we came...

Team Consult Member, LMFT

Online training

Trainers & Supervisors

Thomas R. Lynch

RO DBT Treatment Developer

Karyn Hall

Supervisor & Expert Team Consult Leader

Kristen Fritsinger

Supervisor & Expert Team Consult Leader

J. Nicole Little

Supervisor & Expert Team Consult Leader

Sophie Rushbrook

Supervisor & Expert Team Consult Leader